Growing up I always knew I would be in the business of helping others. I found myself lending a helping hand to the neighbors and later in life to the community through Law Enforcement . Since my retirement, I decided to use my hands to make homemade bath and body products that's healthy for oily, dry, delicate skin.

Alluring Essence, total body luxury came to life once I began researching all the chemicals that are put into beauty product that are purchased in our local stores.

I decided to bring to life products that are relaxing, soothing, aimed towards a healthy body using paraben free and APPROVED various essentials oils without all the unnecessary chemicals that are used in today’s stores/commercial products. Our products will be for women, men and some pet care.

Today we live in a stressful environment.
My Mission and goal is to make sure people are getting a good solid product that will take care of skin issues and to bring a spa like environment to the home through Passion and Love.

I have been in business since 2020